The Cloud


The Cloud knows exactly what you want.

Let it cradle you in perfect spinal positions.

You can trust it, no matter what.

Let it wrap you up,

and crack your back the way lovers do.

Rest your pleasant cheek against It's cool, warm surface.

Just imagine

Whatever you want

rising up through Its pearly white marshmallow frosting swirls.

Have a peach

If you want.

Watch the Television

Visit old friends

Sink back and relax

You can let it just barely cover your eyelids.


It can stretch you,

So that you really feel alive.

It's much better than running barefoot on

A snowy white cupcake.

Hug it and put your face into it

and cry sweet nothings into a warm woolly blanket.

The harder you squeeze

The _____ you get. © 2018